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A garage door is usually the single largest moving object on your home.  With proper installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance, it will provide you with years of safe and trouble-free operation.  Please follow these precautions.  If your garage door is equipped with an electric garage door opener, please refer to the owner's manual that came with it to ensure safety for you and your family.

  1. Midland's residential garage doors are furnished with GRIP POINTS, (a lift handle and step plate), to allow safe manual operation. 
  2. Do not permit children to play underneath or with any garage door operating controls.
  3. Be sure that the push button wall station for the operator is mounted at least five feet above the floor so small children cannot reach it.
  4. Always have the door in view to ensure its travel is free and clear before operating the electric garage door opener.
  5. If you have an electric garage door opener, periodically check the auto reverse mechanism. Consult the owner's manual that came with the garage door opener.
  6. Midland Garage Door Wind Load Series residential and commercial doors are tested and certified to withstand winds up to 90 mph, which will provide you peace of mind when bad weather threatens.
  7. Midland's residential and commercial doors utilize RED colored fasteners on all components that are under "extreme" spring tension. This warns against inadvertent removal that can result in serious injury and/or damage. Only qualified experienced persons should adjust or service any parts or components relating to the torsion spring system.
  8. Always perform periodic inspections on your garage door. We list inspection points in the Inspection and Maintenance section listed below.

Maintenance and Inspection


  1. From time to time your garage door will require cleaning. 
    • For general accumulations of dust and dirt wash with a mild detergent and rinse with clear water
  2. For accumulations causing rusting we recommend the following:
    • "Orange Clean" paste cleaner for rust stains
    • "Bar Keeper Friend"
    • "Turtle Wax" Rubbing Compound  (white)
    • "Turtle Wax" Chrome Polish and Rust Remover
    • "Rusty Exterior" rust stain remover
    • "Iron Out" stain remover
  3. If adhesive transfer has occurred from the protective film to the face of the door:
    • Very hot soapy water
    • Very hot soapy water with denatured alcohol
    • Straight denatured alcohol
    • "Goo Gone"
    • "3m Adhesive Remover"
  4. To restore the luster of the paint:
    • "Turtle Wax" Car Wash and Cleaner
    • "Turtle Wax" Rubbing Compound
    • "Orange Clean" cleaner

CAUTION: Some of these products are very abrassive.   Please use extreme care as not to remove the paint.


Inspect your garage door once a year.  More often if it has high cycles or operates in a harsh environment.  CHECK FOR THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Door: General condition, seals the floor, square in the opening, smooth operation, rope (if installed) not frayed, spring tension-door balances okay.
  2. Weather strip: General condition, seals the door.
  3. Fasteners: General tightness and security of all fasteners and parts.
  4. Hinges: Broken, general wear, loose.
  5. Rollers: General wear.
  6. Cables: Fraying, attachment to bottom fixture, wrapping properly on the drums.
  7. Springs: General condition, mounting hardware all secure, condition of shaft, bearings, drums, and center bearing plate
  8. Track: Bent, loose, alignment.
  9. Back hang: Secure.
  10. Operator: Check the reversing functions of the operator according to the manufacturers instructions.



  1. Use a light weight oil like WD 40 or Three in One Light Oil to lubricate the following:
    • Hinges
    • Steel rollers: Roller shaft in the hinge and ball bearings in the roller
    • Nylon rollers: Roller shaft in the hinge and roller shaft where the nylon tire turns.  Do NOT lube the outside of the nylon tire as that may cause it to slip and create flat spots
    • Bearings
    • Springs: Be sure to wipe off any excess oil so it will not drip on the face of your door
    • Lock: T-Handle and moving parts



Should you decide to repaint your garage door we would recommend:

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly with Tri-Sodium Phosphate, Soilax, Spic & Span, or a similar product.  CAUTION:  DO NOT USE HARSH SOLVENTS SUCH AS LACQUER THINNERS OR MINERAL SPIRITS.  THESE MAY CAUSE PAINT PEELING AFTER THE NEW TOPCOAT IS APPLIED.
  2. Scrub surface with a brush and sponge.  Rinse with clear water and allow to dry.
  3. If the door has ever been waxed it is imperative that all wax is removed.
  4. If damage has occurred and the galvanized substrate has been compromised it will be necessary to treat these localized areas with a rust inhibiting primer.  See your paint store professional for a suitable product.
  5. Scuff the door surface with a Scotch-Brite pad.  Clean the door again as required.
  6. Top coat with a quality acrylic latex exterior paint.  Apply per manufacturers instructions.

Be aware that repainting your door does affect your warranty.  Please see the warranty for details.


If service is needed:

  1. If you are not well experienced at working with garage doors please contact your nearest Midland dealer.
  2. Components related to the torsions springs:
    • Springs
    • Cables
    • Drums
    • Spring shaft
    • End bearing plate
    • Bottom fixtures
    • Center bearing plate
    • These components should only be repaired or replaced by a professional door technician.
  3. Anchor pads for springs should only be repaired or replaced by a professional door technician.
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